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You can see many online properties from various online portal what I have noticed ..

1. They will never show you outside location where the exact property is.

2. A big plot is divided into such horrible small flats that you will always run for a fresh air no matter whether the flat is on the front side or backside.

3. Within Delhi range of good budget flats or builder floor starts from 60 lakhs (2bhk) whereas if you move a little further away from Delhi you can have nice society flats with a great location within 40 lakhs (2bhk).

4. like Delhi , gurugram and noida is highly populated. that's why now ppls are moving outside gurugram and on greater noida or sonipat...


Today it will be a total white out later in day in Himalayas, expect rain in coming days in North India.
Chill Days are ahead.....
If you have headed to Himalayas, be prepared to stuck in Snow....
May be electricity will not the there fir to this Western Disturbance...


Weather is really bad from now till tomorrow.
Chance of snowfall is much more in Manali.
Upper areas of Shimla can also see Snowfall if there is sub zero temperature.

Delhi , UP, Haryana, all will see rainfall.
Neem ka Thana, raining even now.

Current situation:



Ever had a Farm Freshhhhh....
Pop Corn ?

She even picked corn from her farm on the river bank and made pop corn for us.


That's me in maroon t-shirt and my cousin in black jacket.




**Snow season update;**

Shimla district is experiencing heavy snowfall mainly in upper reaches like Kufri,Narkanda, Khadapathar, Chopal, Dodra-Kawar area and rainfall in other parts of the District. This spell will conitnue on 13th Dec also.Due to continuous snowfall clearence of roads is getting hampered and many roads are blocked.

**Important advisory for tourists:**

Please venture into Shimla and snow bound areas with abundant caution. Please ensure travelling only with experienced drivers and try to travel in 4 X 4 vehicles as far as possible. Please bear with us in cases where passage of vehicles in certain locations are being stopped. This is being done only to ensure your safety and to avoid putting anyone in danger.

All tourists are requested to park their vehicles at the Tutikandi parking once the parkings within the town are full. Please check the parking information board installed at Tourist Information Centre Tutikandi to know the capacity and occupancy status of various parkings within Shimla.

**Status of Connectivity-Road connectivity.**

**Shimla (Urban)**

All the main as well as the arterial roads within the Shimla Town are clear and open for traffic. Electricity and Water supply is also normal.

**Shimla (Rural)**
All main roads in the Shimla Rural sub division are open.


Main road from Shimla to Theog is open. Some link roads in Kotkhai area are blocked and 01 JCB is clearing the road.


The main road from Shimla to Chopal is closed at Khidki area.Several link roads like Khidki-Madaog, Pujarli-Matal, Dhabas-Sarahan etc. are closed. 04 machines including JCBs, Snow cutter and Dozers have been deployed at various locations to open these roads and work is going on at war footing to restore them.


Main road from Shimla-Rohru via Kharapathar road is blocked at Khadapathar. No traffic is being allowed beyond Kotkhai due to heavy snowfall.Several link roads like Kharapather-Mandhol, Kharapather- Patsari, Kharapather-Tahu,etc. are closed. 07 machines including JCBs and tippers are deployed at different locations to clear the snow and restore these roads for smooth movement of traffic.


Main road from Shimla to Rampur is blocked beyond Narkanda.Buses are being diverted from Dhalli towards Rampur and Kinnaur via Basantpur.Link roads Nankhari-Khamadi, Nakhari-Tutupani etc. 02 machines including JCB and tippers are deployed.


The main road from Shimla-Kumarsain via Narkanda is closed. 04 machines including JCBs and Dozers are deployed at different locations to clear the snow and open these roads for traffic soon.

**Travellers are advised not to travel on roads which have been closed due to snow. we have deployed police to guide travellers.**

**Status of Buses- **
HRTC buses are plying within Shimla Urban and Rural areas and to Kumarsain and Rampur, via Basantpur.

**Status of electricity supply-**

Power supply is normal in Shimla Urban and Rural areas. Around 08 DTRs are down in Khadrala-Tikker area Sub Division Rohru, 10 DTRs are down in Narain-Dalog area, Sub Division Rampur, 01 DTR down at Oddi and 119 DTRs are down in Dodra-Kawar areas.
All manpower and machines have been deployed and work is going on at war footing to restore electricity supply in these isolated areas.

**Status of water supply-**

There is no major disruption of water supply in the Shimla town as well as rest of the district.

Status of essential commodities-
Normal and adequate supply of vegetables, milk, bread etc. was maintained in Shimla town and surrounding areas as well as the rest of the district. Adequate stores of essential commodities are maintained in the rest of the District as well. Prior stocks of milk with longer shelf life and powder milk has already been ensured beforehand in cut-off areas of the district like Chopal, places in Rampur, Dodra Kwar etc. along with other essential consumer items.

Contact details -
In case of any emergency, citizens are encouraged to call on the helpline number 1077 (District disaster Management cell)