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Badi Dhar !
A Hidden Gem in Himachal Pradesh !

Badi Dhar
Himachal Pradesh 171102

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Badi dhar, Solan, Himachal Pradesh
6V5G+CW Dol, Himachal Pradesh


Dhar Ka Dora
धार का डोरा
Place of worship
Himachal Pradesh 171102
6V4J+77 Dol, Himachal Pradesh

Dhar Ka Dora

Himachal Pradesh 171102

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Badi Ki Dhar also known as Badi Dhar is a holy place situated around 60 kilometres (37 mi) from Shimla in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Piplughat and can be seen from the famous Ridge ground of Shimla. Badi Dhar is situated at an altitude of 6781 feet above sea level. Beautiful sights of Shimla can be seen from the top of the hill. The place is famous for its Lord Shiva temple and annual fair which is organised on 14/15 June. It is expected to rain on the fair day every year, which makes it popular in the whole District. Gathering of around 5,000 to 10,000 people is expected on that day.

Badi dhar was the part of District Mahasu (now Shimla) until 1972 in erstwhile tehsil Arki (Bhagal), later District Solan was formed in 1972 and it merged in district Solan. It is said that the Pandava spent the last year of their exile at this place in the caves of the hill and forest. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated here, local people call him BaraDev and the name of this peak is also on his name. It is said that pandavas visited this place after the battle of "Mahabharta", to atone the curse of killing their own brothers. They went in search of Lord Shiva for MOKSHA. They had been told by "Narad" that Lord Shiva is sitting on the peak of this range in meditation. After knowing the place they went there with a plan to meet Lord Shiva. As per saying Pandavas resided around the peak for eight days and on the ninth day they went to meet Lord Shiva. As they reached the top of mountain Shiva disappeared in a shape of buffalo to Kurukhestra leaving the "dhuni." After that Pandavas erected a temple here dedicated to Lord Shiva and every year people around this dhar recreate the same thing for eight days with Music such as big drums and other local music instruments and on ninth day they go to the peak with their five deities "The Pandavas". As per local saying Pandavas visited this place twice.

The place is surrounded by dense forest for 6-8 kilometres in all directions that hosts many birds and animals, such as Monal, leopard, barking deer and vulnerable Himalayan goral are found. Weather remains pleasant in Summer temperature ranging from 20 to 25 °C in noon to 10-12 °C in night. Winters are pretty cool and temperature ranging from 4-8 °C in noon to (-)2-5 °C in night. Being at 6781 ft Badi Dhar enjoys 2 or 3 snowfalls with more than a foot snowfall every year and heavy rains in monsoon. Snowcapped mountains(higher ranges above 14000 ft) can be seen from the top including middle himalayan ranges i.e Shikari devi hills (Dist. Mandi 10900 ft) , kamrunag hill (District. Mandi 10570 ft), Shali ka tibba ( District. Shimla 9450 ft) and southern himachal's highest sacred peak Churdhar (District. Shimla/solan/sirmour 11965 ft).

A drivable road goes from Shimla to Badi Ki Dhar. The state highway is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) away. Well connected with road with direct bus from Solan to badi dhar. Place is good for trekking, providing excellent views and freshness due to the presence of Deodar(Ceder) and Ban(Oak). A sarai is built up there for night stay. A helipad is also built there at an altitude of 6500 ft just 2 km before the temple.

The local Hindu temple lies on a hill, and is known for scenic views, including sight of the towns of Himachal and Punjab. These sights are visible from this height.

Badi Ki Dhar is known for a fair that is held once every year in 14 June. The fair is dedicated to the worshiping of Lord Shiva including Pandava's. A beautiful Yatra of Pandava is done in the presence of huge numbers of people gathered at this place.

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बाड़ी धार: हिमाचल की एक ऐसी जगह जिसके बारे में आपने कभी सुना नहीं होगा || ft. Pankaj Talks'
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Mission "बाड़ी धार" Hills With Himachali vlogger Pooja || badi dhar #pankajtalks
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In this video we are going to badi dhaar hills which is located in distt solan (arki).this place is famous for 5 pandav temple.This temple is of yudhister and all other 4 brothers come to meet every year and that day is celebrated like a festival by locals.

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