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For the dancing in the snow in a saree (this year new trend)

Indian couple walked on a frozen pond in Dallas to take a selfie and fell through a crack. They were in the frozen water for 20 min. Husband is in ICU critical.


Tears Won't Bring Your Big Truck Back
•Mar 13, 2020



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This guy, we'll call him Snake, parked his big beautiful Ford right underneath the NO PARKING signs in broad daylight. Then he has the nerve to claim "there are no signs." Then "the signs aren't specific." Then "but I'm from California." Then "I was down the street about a job." He darkened our door for darn near 10 minutes before the police showed up. He's lucky he didn't wind up locked up just like his stupid truck. Oh yes, it's all that and more in this episode. Enjoy! READ THE FAQs BEFORE COMMENTING

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2805 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75226, United States
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