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Manipur village struggling to keep decades-old salt well alive

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  • APR 07 2021, 23:29 IST
  • UPDATED: APR 07 2021, 23:29 IST

The practice of traditional salt-making is reminiscent of the past for villagers of Ningel. The village with around 50-60 households have managed to preserve the practice of salt-making. Despite the onslaughts of packed iodized salt available in the market, the villagers have been using traditional salt produced from the saline well known as “Thumkhong Hutpa”. Ningel Village has three salt-wells of which two are cemented and the remaining oldest one is a wooden structure known as Ching-Yenjin. The salt-wells are believed to be around 45 feet in depth with a cylindrical diameter of around 6 feet. These handful of salt makers have been urging the government of Manipur to give them better technology to preserve this dying profession.

Manipur village struggling to keep decades-old salt well alive



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Decades old service centre in Hyderabad repairs vintage, antique radio sets
•Mar 19, 2021


ANI News Official

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#India #Radio #Hyderabad #Vintage #Antique
Hyderabad, Mar 19 (ANI): Set up in 1948, this old radio service centre in Hyderabad is thriving in this new era of digital world. Today, where new technology emerges every day, this radio service centre in the streets of old city of Hyderabad has been able to sustain by repairing old, antique and vintage radio sets. ‘Mahbood Radio Service’ is run by two brothers Md Moinuddin and Md Mujeebuddin. The ‘Mahboob Radio Service’ was established by Shaikh Mahboob, father of Moinuddin and Mujeebuddin. The service centre has been able to satisfy it costumers for several decades by fixing the vintage radio sets. Moinuddin said, “In this world where every now and then a new technology is developed, this is what we are good at and this is what we are able to do. People from not just across the country but from various countries contact them to get their radios fixed.


Hyderabad’s Mahboob Radio Service still thrives in digital age
•Mar 16, 2021


Siasat Daily

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At a time when smartphones have become a single-utility device for our daily meeds, Mahboob Radio Service looks like it is in a time warp.

Mr. Moinuddin and his elder brother have been fixing radios from decades, and still continue to do it for the small section of people who own old radios, some of which went out of production as fast back as in the 1970s.

The shop was set up by their father Shaik Mahboob nearly 70 years ago, and since then both brothers, who became servicemen themselves, have remained there, fixing radios.

While they plan to run it until they can, the next generation in their families are not interested in running the legacy business.

They get radios from different parts of India for repairs even today, which they promptly take up.


This collector has rented a house for his antique radios
•Feb 18, 2019


The Hindu

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Abuthahir MA wants to share his love for vintage radios with the public and dreams of having them displayed in a museum.

“Radios always fascinated me. As a child, I listened to movie songs on my neighbour’s radio. My first job was in a radio servicing centre in Coimbatore. It was there that I learnt about its different parts and how it works.” He bought his first radio for Rs. 35 from a scrap dealer in 1990 . “It is a Jennith Ham Radio from the 1924-1936 period. It has a wooden body and vacuum tubes inside. The parts are made in America and England and it is the oldest in my collection.”

Video: S. Siva Saravanan


Coimbatore: Auto rickshaw driver running his own antique radio museum
•Feb 14, 2018


The Times of India

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As people around the globe celebrate World Radio Day, an antiquarian in Tamil Nadu shares his passion for radios and how it drove him to set up a museum celebrating this dated technology. Antique radio collector Abuthagir, an auto rickshaw driver by profession, has a collection of over 100 radios, including ones from the British era and manufactured in countries like Germany, UK, France, Japan, and Holland. He says that though technology has developed a lot over the years but people still listen to radio as they are emotionally connected to it. Abuthagir’s aim is to create awareness among children who don’t have access to the radios of the yesteryears. He travels across the state to various schools to display and educate children about type of radios and their functions.


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VINTAGE RADIO | Antiques ka zabardast collection | ATEET RAG Studio | Rahul Sood
•Jul 15, 2020


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This Vlog is for all the ANTIQUE lovers like me, the ATEET RAG Studio of Vinay Sharma takes you to the lost world of Antique Radios, Clocks, Gramophone, Cameras & what not. It shows the Vintage treasure which we lost over the period of time due to modernization. I am sure you will get inspire & love it.

इस स्टूडियो का नाम "अतीत राग" डॉ राजेश कुमार व्यास ने दिया, डॉ राजेश हिंदी जगत के ख्यातनाम कला समीक्षक/ आलोचक ,कवि और साहित्यकार हैं|

a Vlog by Rahul Sood copyright @ Star Struck #AntiqueRadio #AntiqueCollection #Gramophone #antiquities

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Best Ways to Get Rusty Nuts and Bolts Off (Effective Techniques)
•Apr 27, 2017


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How do I get this rusty bolt off? I have run into that problem hundreds of times myself, so here are 16 tips for loosening rusty bolts. And if you happen to know a trick for getting stubborn bolts off that I did NOT mention, please let me know in the comments section below... because we all know how frustrating it is to be stuck in the middle of a project with a rusty bolt holding up progress!