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Bengaluru: A three-storeyed building collapses in the Wilson Garden area | Watch | Oneindia News
Sep 27, 2021


Oneindia News

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Today, a building collapsed in Bengaluru. No casualties or injuries reported so far. Fire Department had evacuated the building before it collapsed.
Bengaluru: 40 workers narrowly escape as 3-storey building collapses
Sep 27, 2021


The Economic Times

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A 70-year-old building collapsed in Karnataka's Bengaluru on Monday. No casualties were reported in the incident. The fire department was present at the spot of the incident and timely evacuation took place before the collapse of the three-storey building.
Watch: Building built in 1962 Collapses in Bengaluru, No Casualties Reported | Cobrapost
Sep 27, 2021



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@Cobrapost An old building collapsed in Bengaluru's Wilson Garden neighburhood today at around 11:40 am. No causalities or injuries were reported as the building's occupants had contacted emergency services and run outside before the structure - built in 1962 - fell down. Fortunately, most of the occupants were away at work when the building collapsed. Those still inside had been alerted by their neighbours to plaster and falling pieces of debris.
My UFO encounter at Chandra Taal, Spiti - True Story!
Sep 11, 2018


Ronnie & Barty

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This time I go back to one of my favourite places in Himachal - Chandra Taal, or the Moon Lake, to recount my curious experience of the extra-terrestrial kind!
#Chandratal #Spitivalley
No UFO at Chandratal | Chandratal lake Trek | Delhi to Spiti Solo Ride on NS 200 | Day 3
Sep 2, 2018


Indrajit Borborah

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This is the 3rd day of the trip where in we have moved out to the chandratal lake to explore. The lake is one of the most beautiful lake in the world and is situated at a height of 4200 meters. Check out the complete video. Sit tight and relax. If you liked the video please hit the like button comment and subscribe to my channel.
UFO AT CHANDRATAL LAKE? Chandratal lake | Spiti valley EP. 6 || Mohito Travels
Oct 28, 2019


Mohito Travels

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UFO AT CHANDRATAL LAKE? | Chandratal lake | Spiti valley EP. 6 || Mohito Travels This is Episode 06 of Spiti valley Trip 2019 Series. After crossing the deadly water crossings we finally reached the great Chandratal Lake. We have heard stories about UFO at chandratal lake so, we head to chandratal lake to see if the UFO is still there. The Vlog is about going to Chandratal lake via Manali Leh Highway. I have done this route couple of times before but this year it was extreme. We encountered around 25-30 big water crossings making the way more adventurous. Enjoy the video and do subscribe for more adventure and travel related videos.
UFO Place of India | Chandratal Lake | Hampta Pass Trek | Part 4 | Manali-Spiti | UFO2020
Apr 16, 2020



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UFO Place of India | Chandratal Lake | Hampta Pass Trek | Part 4 | Manali-Spiti | Himalayas

A trek of dreams, Hampta Pass treats you to an amazing display of diverse landscapes in a 5-day mountain rhapsody. The stark contrasting sweeps of topography varying from lush green mammoths to crisp contrasting expanses of deserted wilderness hold you in awe. The sheer drama of this cross over trek is simply intriguing.

Located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, Hampta Pass is a live canvas painted in the distinctive settings of Himachal Pradesh.

All this plus the grandeur of vertical rock walls, glossy grasslands, gurgling streams, silver waterfalls, hanging glaciers, overhanging mountains rising above 19,700 feet and the most scenic campsites, Hampta Pass trekking route unfolds the splendor of the Himalayan region like no other.

In this cross over trek, you'd journey to the beautiful Chandra Valley in Lahaul Spiti from the Kullu Valley

This dynamic trek can be completed in 4 days but usually, trekkers add one more day to visit Chandra Taal, the absolutely beautiful blue-water lake. Hampta Pass-Chandra Taal trek is the most sought-after trek of Himachal Pradesh.


Day 4: Shea Goru to Chhatru / Visit Chandrataal (13,943 ft.)and return to Chhatru campsite

Altitude gain 12,303 ft. to 13,943 ft.7 km, 4 hours of Trekking.Lunch and Snacks at Chhatru. Drive to Chandrataal and return to Chattru Campsite. Accommodation and food in Tents.

Day 5: Drive back from Chatru to Manali Via Rohtang Pass

The trek starts a little early for the day, cause after reaching our campsite which is not more than 2-3 hours from here. We utilize the way by taking a sightseeing road trip to The Chandrataal lake. Today's trail is a simple descent up to Chatru, last campsite nearby the road connecting Manali to Kaza. But the start of the day, includes all the fun. The stream flowing by your campsite, which added beauty to the boring campsite otherwise. This stream need to be crossed, in this chilling hour. It is advisable to cross the river in the early hours of the day, as at this time the water level is low, as the low temp in the night prevents the ice from melting. Hence, low water level and also weak water current makes the morning hours the best time to cross a stream. Ice chill water cannot be avoided, though it does no harm and add one more thrilling experience to your trek memories.

The trek, further, after crossing the river is simple path carved in grasslands and further along some boulders. At the end, there is a little steep descent, but this time it's a piece of cake for you as you crossed the tougher one earlier while descending from the Pass. Further, crossing a small stream, across a small bridge, be careful here, it's a weak one so cross one person at a time. And then plane tour along the Chandrabhaga river lands you to your last campsite, Chatru. Take rest and refresh yourself, as after that we leave for the sight-seeing to the Chandratal lake and return in the evening. After returning from the lake, we will halt at the Chatru campsite for the night.

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UFO Location Of India - Route Not On GOOGLE Maps | Spiti Vallye | Bikerlog Varun
Apr 5, 2020


Bikerlog Varun

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Not heard before this UFO Location of India in Himalayas of India, I got so excited that this location became my one of the bucket list place to travel. Also this place is not searchable on Google Maps - Chandratal or Chandra Taal Location: Chandra Taal Video Start : 00:00
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The UFO Hunters of Ladakh | Unique Stories from India
Aug 3, 2016


101 India

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The evidence for aliens in Ladakh is out there. And it's some serious shit.

The UFO phenomenon has fascinated people all over the world with sightings seen across the globe, especially in developed countries.
This has led to the idea of most sightings to be a hoax, just to gain media attention. However, India is no stranger to numerous UFO and alien encounters.

Numerous eye witness accounts, as well as photographs and videos capture strange lights in the sky. People claim to see these lights move in bizarre ways at very fast speeds. Many claim that these lights are in fact UFOs. Military Officials had confirmed that these UFOs were neither Chinese nor Indian drones or satellites.
These brave men have set out on a mission to prove the existence of alien life and their presence on Earth. With sophisticated equipment to capture signals coming from outer space, they are the UFO hunters of Ladakh.
Meet India’s UFO Hunters
May 6, 2017


Hindustan Times

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In January 2017, the CIA declassified and shared 930,000 documents on its website. One of these included a document from 1968 detailing six UFO sightings in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Indian UFO sightings thereafter have been sporadic compared to countries like the US and Russia. But this relative paucity does not deter a small (but determined) community of UFO investigators in India. What does the work of an Indian UFOlogist entail? What drives them? What are the strangest cases they’ve encountered, and how has their search impacted other areas of their lives? These are their stories.