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Uttarakhand: Almora में महिलाओं पर तेंदुए का 'जानलेवा' हमला, Video Social Media पर Viral

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Nov 29, 2022

Uttarakhand के Almora में दो महिलाओं पर तेंदुए ने हमला कर दिया....जिसका Video सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल हो रहा है. #uttarakhand #almora #leopardattack #ViralVideo
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BHEL bids for ₹58,000 CR deal to Manufacture, Maintain 200 Vande Bharat trains.

WhatsApp to let users connect to two Android devices with same Account.

Coca-Cola India partners with Adani Digital Labs for product Sampling.

Amazon to set up 300-Mw hybrid RE project in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka.

JSW to invest ₹1 Trillion in Odisha in various sectors: Sajjan Jindal.

Vu Technologies launches Google TV-powered GloLED TV 43-inch at ₹29,999.
Friendship Peak Expedition 5289M | Manali Himachal Pradesh 2021| 4K


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Oct 12, 2021

Friendship Peak expedition was held in Manali, Himachal Pradesh 2021. Expedition was organized by Wayback Himalayas. Friendship peak is considered as one of the best peak for Orientation to the field of Mountaineering. It's difficulty level is moderate to difficult as per IMF. The peak is most famous for the mesmerizing panoramic view it gives from the top. Wayback Himalayas Founded with aim of giving true adventure experience to every traveler and explorer.
Mt.Friendship Peak Trek Expedition || Full On Adventure ||Beas Kund ||Lady Leg Bese Camp ||Manali


Life in mountain

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Jul 2, 2022

The Friendship Peak trek is much more than just a beautiful view from above. Standing at an altitude of 5289 metres, it falls in the Pir Panjal – the largest range of the Little Himalayas. Apart from standing our ground humbly amidst the 6000s, we are especially amazed by the trail of the trek that takes us through the most mesmerizing scenery. We encounter crossings over alpine meadows, dense forests and wide clearings, icy cold mountain streams – and of course a thick bed of shimmering white snow – all packed into 34 kilometres. It has stunning campsites filled with local wildlife and a burst of color, just waiting to wander and explore. Even to see the landscape buried under a thick blanket of snow is nothing but exhausting. Walking through glaciers, navigating our way around massive icy cliffs, unpredictable weather and brutal slopes keep the whole trip exhilarating. Friendship Summit is nothing short of an expedition for its tough terrain, harsh temperatures and consistent steep climbs from the time you set your first foot from the summit camping tent. Each season at Extreme is met with different types of challenges and hence, different scenes and an entirely different experience. Although recognized as a trekking peak by the IMF, don't let the height of Friendship Peak deceive you. It is no less difficult to please than the 6000 people around it and hence should only be attempted by experienced trekkers who know basic mountaineering skills and prior experience in high altitude. From carrying your own load to requiring technical knowledge, the summit requires a climber's skill and patience, with its fairly low height helping you shift gears from trekking to mountaineering with ease. The grueling climb requires learning new skills; Using an ice-axe, pitching a tent in the snow, making ropes, working together as a team and even doing simple tasks like 'walking' - on ice, on a steep slope In shin-high, extremely heavy snow boots. With the ever-changing weather, we never know when we will be hit by our next snow storm, white-out or torrential downpour – which makes the trek even more thrilling, while also adding to its level of difficulty. The best months for this trek are May and June for the snow-capped peak and September and October for the predominantly rocky terrain