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Microsoft to Start Laying off Employees from Today.

Over 1,600 tech employees being fired a day on average in January

Indian Banks Said to Soon Use Face Recognition, Iris Scan for Some Transactions.

Meta and Microsoft vacating offices in US amid tech layoffs, WFH demands.

Tencent Is Bringing Content Creators to WeChat to Challenge TikTok's Dominance.

Sony launches Pocket-Friendly Android NW-A306 Walkman.

Apple Could Launch New Cheap AirPods For Around Rs 8000 Next Year.

Microsoft Doubles Down on ChatGPT as OpenAI Actively Works on GPT-4.

Vodafone likely to Fire Hundreds of Employees Soon.
इसे देखने से पहले देहरादून में शिफ्ट न हों।। Part 2


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Oct 5, 2022
इसे देखने से पहले देहरादून में शॉफ्ट न करें। don't shift in dehradun before watching this.

Shift in Dehradun city video part 1 video link - https://youtu.be/xLqZIBhl0K4
To shift in dehradun - Share on WhatsApp

Dehradun's salubrious climate has always attracted people from all over the country. Being placed on the foothills of the Himalayas, the hill state of Dehradun is blessed with a pleasant climate that brings with it unexpected drizzles, the sunny winters and Oh! the blooming spring of the town.
Climate Change Live Updates: कुदरत का बर्फीला कहर, 24 घंटे बाद होगा कोल्ड अटैक! | Weather Updates

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Climate Change Live Updates: कुदरत का बर्फीला कहर, 24 घंटे बाद होगा कोल्ड अटैक! | Weather Updates 24 घंटे बाद कोल्ड ब्लास्ट. जी हां, उत्तर भारत के पहा़ड़ों से जो तस्वीर आज सामने आई है उसके बाद यही सवाल पूछा जा रहा है. जम्मू-कश्मीर से लेकर हिमाचल के पहाड़ बर्फ की सफेद चादर से ढक गए हैं. जम्मू कश्मीर के सोनमर्ग, गुलमर्ग, श्रीनगर, डोडा शोपियां, किश्तवाड़ और कटरा की पहाड़ियों पर जमकर बर्फबारी हो रही है, तो वहीं हिमाचल का शिमला, मनाली और कुल्लू भी बर्फ से गुलजार हो गया है.
Cold blast after 24 hours. Yes, the same question is being asked after the picture that has come out from the mountains of North India today. The mountains from Jammu-Kashmir to Himachal are covered with a white sheet of snow. It is snowing heavily on the hills of Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Srinagar, Doda Shopian, Kishtwar and Katra in Jammu and Kashmir, while Himachal's Shimla, Manali and Kullu are also covered with snow.

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Why ASWAL's not allowed in TADKESHWAR Mahadev MANDIR ❌ Uttarakhand

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Jul 27, 2020

#tarkeshwar #mahadev #uttarakhand
In this VLOG 63, my family visited Tarkeshwar Temple .

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Mandir

तारकेश्वर महादेव मंदिर

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Hindu temple

RQQV+G7M, Tarkeshwar Road, Malara Bara, Uttarakhand 246155

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