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Turkey Reporter Runs as Earthquake Aftershock Strikes

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Feb 7, 2023

The death toll continues to grow in Turkey and northern Syria where two powerful earthquakes destroyed buildings and left some villages in total rubble. People ran for their lives as aftershocks from the 7.8 quake collapsed an entire apartment building. A reporter who fled to escape the aftershocks ran back to help a family emerging from the debris. A desperate search is underway to find victims buried alive.
Earthquake death toll in Turkey and Syria continues to climb

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Feb 7, 2023

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The death toll from Monday's devastating earthquakes in southeast Turkey and northern Syria continues to climb. More than 5,000 people are dead, and crews are racing to find survivors in the rubble. Chris Livesay reports.
Turkey And Syria Devastated After Deadly Earthquakes | Turkey Earthquake LIVE | Earthquake In Turkey


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Turkey And Syria Devastated After Deadly Earthquakes | Turkey Earthquake LIVE | Earthquake In Turkey

According to reports, a new earthquake - a major aftershock - has struck South Turkey. The tremors measured at 7.8 magnitude on the richter scale deal a shocking blow after hundreds were killed in a powerful earthquake of the same magnitude in southern Turkey and northern Syria early Monday.

Seismic waves are what create earthquakes, which are sudden episodes of the ground trembling (which result from the energy released by the breaking and slippage of one set of rocks against another). The phrase “aftershock" refers to the shaking that occurs after an earthquake.

Although aftershocks are indeed earthquakes, it is more accurate to refer to them as the smaller earthquakes or shocks that follow the primary one (that is, the largest earthquake in a sequence of earthquakes), a report by Britannica states.

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Earthquakes Kill Over 4,000 In Turkey And Syria | Turkey Earthquake LIVE Footage | Turkey News LIVE


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Earthquakes Kill Over 4,000 In Turkey And Syria | Turkey Earthquake LIVE Footage | Turkey News LIVE

Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Over 4,000 Killed, more than 18,000 Hurt; WHO Says Death Toll Could Cross 20,000-Mark

Three big earthquakes – of 7.8, 7.6 and 6.0 magnitude – hit Turkey today killing more than 2,300 people and injuring thousands. The deaths and destruction are in Turkey and neighbouring Syria. The last two earthquakes hit hours after the first killer temblor of 7.8 magnitude.

India and other countries are rushing aid. PM Narendra Modi reached out to quake hit-Turkey. “India stands in solidarity with the people of Turkey and is ready to offer all possible assistance to cope with this tragedy,” the PM said. The government has decided to send rescue teams, medical teams and relief material.

The epicentre of the first quake was near Nurdagi in Gaziantep province, the Syria border. The second quake was near near Ekinozu in nearby Kahramanmaraş province; and the third near Goksun in the same province

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Denied ambulance, man walks with wife’s body on shoulder, weeping daughter by side - ANI News

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Aug 25, 2016

Kalahandi, Odisha, Aug 25 (ANI): In a heartless incident reported from Odisha’s Kalahandi, a man walked 10 km with his wife's body on his shoulder and his crying 12-year-old daughter by his side to reach his village. He had no vehicle to take home his wife's body from a government hospital, which is 60 km from his village. Dana Majhi's wife Amang Dei died due to tuberculosis at the hospital in Kalahandi on Tuesday night. According to Majhi, he requested the hospital to provide him an ambulance but authorities told him that they cannot help.
Kalahandi Dead Body Carrying Issue: Officers Take Signature of Dhana Majhi On Blank Paper

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Aug 26, 2016

After highlighting of the dead body carrying issue Govt officers of Kalahandi called Dhana Majhi for inquiry & took his signature on blank paper
Dana Majhi receives Rs 9 lakh donated by Bahrain PM


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Sep 15, 2016
Odishatv is the leading news channel in Odisha.