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Honda Shine 100 - Walkaround & Price | सबसे सस्ती 100cc? | Hindi | GearFliQ


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Mar 15, 2023

Is video mein Honda Shine 100 ke baare mein jaaniye.
Honda Shine 100 Walkaround Review| Small engine, big dreams! | ZigWheels.com


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Mar 15, 2023

After multiple trailers and much hype, Honda has finally launched the Shine 100, its entry-level offering in India, with a clear intention: to unseat the Hero Splendor as the highest-selling motorcycle. Whether it will succeed is something that only time will tell. In today’s video, then, we give you a lowdown of all the Honda Shine 100 is and all its hardware and features
Honda Shine 100 माईलेज वाली बाइक लॉन्च | Splendor की छुट्टी करने आगयी || Honda 100cc Bike 2023

Minute Jagmohan

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Mar 15, 2023

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#cd100 #bike #minutejagmohan honda ki 100 aa gyi splendor plus ko degi takkar... honda shine 100 launched in india ...watch for more details

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Government Announced BS7 (BS6 Phase 2) From 1st April | What Is BS6 Phase 2 /Stage 2 Emission Norms?


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Feb 12, 2023
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From April 1, 2023, all new vehicles—passenger vehicles, two wheelers, and commercial vehicles (motorcycle (bike), car, scooter (scooty), bus, truck–in the country will have to comply with the new emission norms (BS6 phase 2 or BS6 2.0 or BS6 Stage 2). The more stringent phase two BS6 norms will be equivalent to Euro VI standards applicable for all vehicles across Europe.

Bharat Stage (BS) Emission Standards : Explained in Hindi :

• Bharat Stage (BS)...

BS6 means Bharat Stage 6 which is the most erudite and advanced gas emission standard for vehicles in India. This is analogous to Euro 6 standards, which are now used in European Union countries, EEA and the United Kingdom. To lessen the rising air pollution in the country, the government of India discarded previous BS-4 standards and opted for BS-6 emission standards. This instigates all automobile manufacturers to extirpate all BS-4 vehicles after April 1, 2020. Now, they will only manufacture and sell BS-6 compliant cars and two-wheelers.

To begin with, all BS6 phase 2 - compliant vehicles are required to be run on engines with lower NOx and Particulate Matter (harmful pollutants) emissions which are within the prescribed limits. To achieve this, automakers use either Lean NOx Trap (LNT) or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This also ensures a clean and efficient way of burning fuel with lower levels of pollutants in the environment.

Now, what is the difference between BS6 and BS6 2.0? Well, to put it simply, the emissions norms will become more stringent. While BS6 required cars to be tested in labs, BS6 version 2 will need cars to meet the prescribed emission norms even in real-world conditions, while also when being tested in laboratories. To implement this, the engines will have to be upgraded and installed with an onboard self-diagnostic device that will monitor factors like changing driving behaviour and traffic conditions in real time.

In this video I have explained all the details about BS6 Phase 2 or BS7 emission norms.

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INDIA'S SLOWEST JANSTABDI EXPRESS || दिल्ली से टनकपुर की यात्रा

Shubham Kumar

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Premiered Feb 13, 2022

Recently we had a Journey in the Slowest Janshatbdi of Indian railways. now you might think why I'm considering this train as the slowest train if we look at the schedule of this train number 12036, the train takes nearly 10 hours to cover 400 km.

This train leaves the old Delhi railway station at morning 06:10 AM and reaches tanakpur at 04:10 PM meanwhile major stops are Delhi shahadra, Gaziabad, hapur, gajraula, Moradabad, bareilly, pilibhit, tanakpur.
One more interesting fact is tanakpur is near by India nepal border, so if you're planning for tanakpur you can visit here and poornagiri mata temple also.

हाल ही में हमने भारतीय रेल की सबसे धीमी जनशताब्दी में यात्रा की। अब आप सोच सकते हैं कि मैं इस ट्रेन को सबसे धीमी ट्रेन क्यों मान रहा हूं अगर हम इस ट्रेन संख्या 12036 के शेड्यूल को देखें, तो ट्रेन 400 किमी की दूरी तय करने में लगभग 10 घंटे का समय लेती है।

यह ट्रेन पुरानी दिल्ली रेलवे स्टेशन से सुबह 06:10 बजे निकलती है और शाम 04:10 बजे टनकपुर पहुंचती है, इस बीच प्रमुख स्टॉप दिल्ली शाहदरा, गाजियाबाद, हापुड़, गजरौला, मुरादाबाद, बरेली, पीलीभीत, टनकपुर हैं।
एक और दिलचस्प तथ्य यह है कि टनकपुर भारत नेपाल सीमा के पास है, इसलिए यदि आप टनकपुर की योजना बना रहे हैं तो आप यहां और पूर्णागिरी माता मंदिर भी जा सकते हैं।