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Weather report: As IMD announces onset of Monsoon over Nicobar, pre-Monsoon rains to strengthen across India

The upcoming week till 28 May is expected to be washed out by heavy rains in multiple states of India except Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa where rains will be significantly lesser and dry and hot weather will prevail

Navdeep Dahiya
May 22, 2023 12:02:16 IST


The northern limit of monsoon as per IMD till 20 May 2023

Rain, Strong Winds Bring Mercury Down in Delhi, Other Parts of India; No Heatwave for Next 5 Days
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Last Updated: MAY 25, 2023, 22:20 IST
New Delhi, India

Rains leash parts of Delhi-NCR on Thursday evening. (PTI)

Rains leash parts of Delhi-NCR on Thursday evening. (PTI)

Under the influence of a western disturbance active over the western Himalayan region, intermittent rains are predicted over northwest India, including the Delhi, over the next two to three days, IMD added.

Weatherman Navdeep Dahiya

Western disturbance has brought in tennis to baseball size #Hailstorm in various parts of #Rajasthan #Haryana #Punjab #UttarPradesh and #Himalayan states in past 2 days, such a large size hail not very common in the northern plains, also prevalent that the upper atmosphere has been anomalous cooler off late this year(Need to validate with past year upper level temp data) that a typical summer WD which usually bring duststorm, Intense rains or pea size hails(if any) is resulting in large #hailstorms. it's not yet over the impact of Western disturbance coupled with cyclonic circulation and moisture incursion from Arabian sea will keep producing severe storms until early next week. #DelhiRains

Summer WDs are intense in terms of Duststorm, wind speed and rains but hailstorms and size this time is pure insanity.


10:13 PM · May 25, 2023

[26-05-2023] देश का मौसम: जम्मू कश्मीर से हिमाचल उत्तराखंड पंजाब हरियाणा राजस्थान में आंधी बारिश

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May 25, 2023