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Pangi Valley EP. 1 | Exploring Hudan Valley |


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Dec 7, 2021

Hudan Valley is one of the sub valleys of Pangi Valley in Chamba Himachal Pradesh. It is called so after Hudan Bhatori that is last village of the valley.

Hudan Valley is nearest to the headquarter of Pangi Valley that is Killar. Most people visit Hudan Valley to see Hudan Lake which is a foot shaped lake believed to be the footprint of Pandav Bheem. The lake is at 10 mins walk from Hudan Bhatori and Hudan Bhatori is 14kms road distance from Killar helipad.

But there are more divine things in Hudan Valley that many people don't know about. So in this video I've shown all those unexplored things that will leave you amazed. I hope you guys like it.
Pangi Valley EP. 2 | Exploring Sural Valley |


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Dec 13, 2021
Sural Valley is one of the sub valleys of Pangi Valley of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Sural Bhatori is the last village of this valley so it is called as Sural Valley. Sural Valley is most visited by tourists among the other sub valleys of Pangi. It is blessed with beautiful landscapes, waterfalls and streams so people love to visit this valley. Sural Valley is tha last valley of Pangi towards Jammu and Kashmir and on the north side of Sural Valley lies Gandhari Valley of Jammu and Kashmir. In this video I've shown you all the places you need to visit in Sural Valley. I hope it'll be helpful for you.
Pangi Valley EP. 3 | Exploring Kumar Parmar Bhatori |


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Dec 20, 2021

Kumar Parmar Valley is one of the sub valleys of Pangi Valley of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It is smallest valley among other sub valleys of Pangi as it has only two major villages one is Kumar village which is the first village when you enter the valley by road and the last village which is known as Parmar Bhatori where the road ends. So in the names of these two major villages it is known as Kumar Parmar Valley or simply Parmar Valley. Parmar Bhatori is the last village where Buddhist people reside and beyond Parmar Bhatori there's no settlement. When you hike past Parmar Bhatori you reach at the south face of mount Bahai Jar or Shiva Peak which is also visible from Hudan Valley on north side. So on north of Parmar Valley is Hudan Valley and on south there is Sechu - Tuan Valley. In this video below I've shown Kumar Parmar Valley and all the details about how to reach and where to stay. I hope it'll be helpful for you .
Exploring Lagoond Camping Ground | Jassourgarh | Churah Valley | Chamba | Himachal Pradesh |


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Mar 18, 2023

This video is from our camping trip to Lagoond Camping Ground on 4th - 5th December 2022. Lagoond camping ground is a beautiful meadow amidst a dense deodar forest near Jassourgarh area of Churah valley of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It’s just an hour hike away from Gadiyog village where you can reach by off-roading for about 5kms from Jasaurgarh. It is about 2 km easy hike anyone can do. The place is best for camping lovers who like to camp amidst the forest. This camping ground is huge and you can spend a day or camp overnight. We loved our camping here and hope you’ll love it too. If you have any queries about this place or hike please feel free ask in comments I’ll surely reply.


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