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Miyar Valley - A Beautiful Valley in Lahaul

Rohan Bodh

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Dec 27, 2021

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Miyar Valley - A Beautiful Valley in Lahaul Last year in 2020 during Autumn time, I went to my friend's village Tingrat, A beautiful village located in Miyar Valley. This valley is hidden in Lahaul filled with flowers and surrounded by the high mountains of the Himalayas belongs to the division of Western Himalaya. It is part of Lahaul Range, located between Pir Panjal and Zanskar Range. The valley is nearly 75 Km long and stretches between Udaipur and Kangla Pass.
Miyar Valley

Himalaya 1:1

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Jul 15, 2018

Amarnathji, pradhan of Urgose (2018), in this video, answers the question “What is that one thing in Miyar valley that attracts tourist?” while vistas of the valley run in the background. Video and images were taken by Prajwal J and Tenzin Peljor Editing by Prajwal J
मयाड़ घाटी लाहौल का खंजर गांव से अवलोकन Overview of Miyar Valley of Lahaul from Khanjar

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Jun 16, 2019

Miyar or Mayar valley is a beautiful charming valley of Lahaul.Nature lovers and tourists of adventurous nature will surely love this Miyar Valley.There are possibilities of Mountaineering and trekking which for the moment I couldn't explore in a short period of time but it's sure that once you enter Miyar valley you would start to love the sceneries and landscape intimately. From Keylong or Manali one has to take the route to Udaipur. From Udaipur let's turn right and enter into the most beautiful and charming valley Mayar of Lahaul.Here is an overview of the valley from Khanjar the last village of Miyar.
इस छाछ में है 72 गुण मूंछ कटवा लूंगा अगर इस छाछ को पीके पत्थर ना टूटा तो

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Dec 28, 2021

इस छाछ में है 72 गुण मूंछ कटवा लूंगा अगर इस छाछ को पीके पत्थर ना टूटा तो
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