Why Battery Dies / Discharges of a Mobile Phone or Camera etc. ?


One thing I have noticed is, if you charge Samsung and Sony mobile phones with other chargers (even computer), they generally lose their charge faster than when they are charged by their own charger.


just format ur phone sir it will solve ur problem!i know it cause im from this field!!!:rolleyes:

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mostly a virus problem!!

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dont forget to scan ur sd card also!!!


If it is an app or virus consuming battery so much, then phone would be nearly impossible to hold in hand and overheating like anything!


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There is no overheating.
The Battery is 26.5 Degree Celcius in day around 3pm.
Normally earlier Battery was near 35 Degree Celcius
Now it is 27.2 Degree Celcius. (10:58 PM, 23 Oct 2013)

Actually when in day I check it was 37%.
Around 3am today, it showed 4% only.
In day it became to 26.5 Degree Celcius in day around 3pm
What happened in between 12 hours that it gained charge?
Why Temperature is so different at different times and charge comes back?

Battery is now 32% with temperature of 28.2%
during 1-2 min the app I am checking is making it hot 1 Degree Celcius.

It means now it is discharging at normal rate.
Yesterday after 100% charge it showed 30-40% only after few hours.
Lets see what happens.

I have not charged it today
& will try to check its temperature.

This is certainly not a virus effect.

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After I put my problem in BCMT,
Battery is behaving good.

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Anybody used this brand / type battery for their mobile?


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Ramit Chopra

Saadda Haq...Aithhe Rakh!
Satinder Ji...

I own a S3 and I am facing the same problem The battery doesn't last more than 5-6 hours with moderate usage

I will try using the stock charger as I was charging it with my earlier Motorola defy charger

You mentioned that you have a battery bank...I am contepleting on buying one...which one do you own and you feedback please !!



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There are many Power Banks for Mobiles / Tablets etc.
You can take Sony, but it is costly affair.

Eveready is good:
Eveready UM 52 Power Bank is of 5200 mAh Portable charger for tab & Smartphone
2 USB POWER OUTPUT- http://www.iluvshopping.in/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/443x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/e/v/eveready_um_52_power_bank_for_tablets_and_smartphones.png

Rs. 1949/-
Eveready UM 52 Power Bank for Tablets and Smartphones - Eveready: Flipkart.com
Eveready Ultima 5200 mAh Portable charger for tab & Smartphone - Buy Power Banks Online @ Lowest Prices | Snapdeal.com

You can get cheaper option but it is only 2200mAh just 40% of above.
Eveready UM 22 Power Bank for Smartphones -One Power USB Port Output-
Rs. 1164/-
Eveready UM 22 Power Bank for Smartphones - Eveready: Flipkart.com

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Sony is costlier and have less power only 4000mAh in comparison to Eveready UM52.
Sony has 2 ports to connect 2 different phone / tablet.

This is also a good deal as it is with charger.
You can try this combination in Flipkarrt also or from Market.

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This is more powerful but I cannot comment on quality.
Till somebody confirms this as good option.
Vox Power Bank 12000mAh Portable Dual USB for Mobile/iPad/mp3 Player
Rs 1611/-

Ambrane Power Bank P-1000 (10400mAh)

@ Ramit
You can take these from Wazirpur Computer Market also.
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Ramit Chopra

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Thanks a ton Satinder JI...

Wazirpur market is close from my home...Will make a visit tomorrow

Thanks again !!


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I use my Powerbank with S3 by a long usb cord.
S3 on shirt pocket and powerbank in Pant's pocket.
This was done in a Bus Journey & walking on hills
without any problem at all.

With long USB Cord You can handle PowerBank easily with Shirt Pant /Jacket / Bag etc.
I use same charger for Mobile & Power Bank.
No Problem at All.


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If You are feeling that
Your Mobile is dead
or battery is not working fine
or Charging is getting delayed.

Don't panic.
Just keep your Mobile phone warm.
That is all,
You have to do.

Should I put my mobile phone on Burning Flame
of Candle / Gas Stove
or put it an oven?

Keep it warm.


After charging keep it with you under jacket, in shirt
or in pant's pocket.
Mobile should be near your body and it should not exposed to room temperature.
If you attend call with phone to take it out.
Place near ear & face and hold / cover it with your hand perfectly.
It will get heat of your body and will not get cold as room temperature /
be prone to low temperature.
You may have to charge it twice immediately after first charge.
Do it immediately.
Don't hesitate.
While charging, put mobile in any padded protection from cold.
It is good to provide any type of heat insulation.
If you have come out of home/office where you have not any kind of charing.
Just put it in your pocket.
Wait till it is warm.
This trick may work sometimes.

These all above tricks can be tried on Camera batteries also.

Those who are in Delhi.
Cold wave has arrived just now.
from last week I was feeling cold in mornings & evenings.

Today it rained.
I have to take out my jacket / wind cheater in evening.
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All those who are feeling that their Mobile is not working properly these days
because of Low / Dead battery should check above recommendations.

I am saying all this not I just felt this,
but many of my friends are talking about this problem.
They are satisfied with above solutions.
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While this is somewhat correct, my phones battery is working better as it is since last few days (in cold) !!! :eek: