Why should we not fill petrol till tank neck in BS4 model of Classic 350


The Ghost Who Walks
I am also facing the same issue of Vehicle stalling every 1 to 2 KMS, this i am facing after the last service,. If I open the tank lid, shake the tank, close the lid and start, it will start immediately and run and once again it will stop. Very horrible, after buying a costly bike, facing this type of issue is nagging. To be safe, i ride in the side of the roads only, even for changing the lanes, i feel terribly afraid due to this issue. pl let me know for your issue, you have got any solution.

RE should give solution, unfortunately the solution given to me by them is very absurd.
Get the evap drain tube cleaned up and also make sure it is connected to the evap unit, clean the tank overflow pipe and make sure nothing is stuck there.
Third thing is to clean the water drain hole on top of tank collar.
Clean the inner side of tank lid.
Your issue will probably resolve with cleaning of evap tube.

Also avoid parking under direct sun in hot summers.

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