Wilson Hill (South Gujarat): A quick visit.


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I was at Dharampur ( Valsad Dist. Gujarat) on Saturday for an Official work. My work was finished at 1530. We were free and we had two options, 1. Visit Tithal beach which is 35 km from Dharampur and 2. Visit Wilson Hills which is 27 km from Dharampur.

We selected Wilson Hill to get some taste of ghat roads and green mountains. Wilson hill is located 27 km away from Dharampur city and is at a height of 750 m above sea level. The hill is known for a marble chhatri, dedicated to the British Governor Wilson. The 27km drive to Wilson hill was amazing with good ghat roads. The ghat road was amazing with some stiff inclines. The climate was amazing with frequent rains and clouds at the top. Wilson Hill is slowly turning in a tourist hotspot for a one day picnic. Gujarat tourism is investing hefty sums to attract more and more tourist to this place. Due to time restraint, we were not able to visit some of the beautiful and well-known waterfalls.

In my humble opinion. this place is best during winter and Monsoon. Monsoon is the best time to visit and experience green mountains and frequent rains. When we ere there the entire hill was covered with clouds and we were not able to see even 4 feet around us. Clouds blocked the vies of surrounding mountains. However, the climate was amazing and we enjoyed out one hour stay here. There are some very basic food joints. We didn't spot a single accommodation option at hill nither on the road. Saying that there is a new full-fledge Resort is under construction at the top of the hill

Some of the locals insisted us to visit some of the waterfalls, one of the well-known is Shankar Fall. But it was already dark and we had to drive back home, so we were not able to visit this falls. We are planning to come again to give justice to these waterfalls.