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Checking from desktop only. and yes logged in to the account also.
Will check from phone also shortly.

This is windows phone support page:
Contact Us | Windows Phone How-to (????)

Check "How To" page
Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone How-to (????)

There is windows 7 & windows 8 phone help separately.


Try from desktop.
There should be some way.

Are you entering from hotmail account or not?

Try to Google it - how to post in windows app forum.
There should be some help / FAQ page there.

I do not have now but surely want one window phone.
How To Copy / Paste files from PC in USB Mass Storage in Windows Phone 8

USB Mass Storage in Windows Phone 8 (Copy / Paste files from PC)

Starting with Windows 8, your phone can now be recognized as Portable Player (USB Mass Storage) on a Windows PC. This in turn, gives you access to Mass Storage drive of Windows Phone right in your windows explorer. This makes it lot easier for you copy files in & out of Windows Phone without the need of any application.

Steps to enable Mass Storage:

Actually there is no step but here is what you need to.
Connect your phone with your PC via USB cable and your phone will be detected as Portable Player.
In case you have the App installed, it will be displayed as Windows Phone.

Double click on that and it will display the storage device, named as Phone as USB device.

What’s inside the Storage Drive?

Documents: Any file, which you have, saved to phone will show up here. However PDF files still don’t show up here as there is no save to phone option with default PDF reader from Microsoft. However, you can read and view the docs from there.

Music: This is a bit different from rest as you have folders like Album, Artist, Playlist and Podcast Series. So if you want to do it right, drop the music files into the Album Folder and the rest will take care by the Windows Phone Music App.

Ringtones: This special folder makes it easy for you to copy any MP3 file and set it as ringtone on your Windows Phone. Yes, you can have custom ringtone on your Windows Phone. The songs, which you copy, here appear under Custom Label in Ringtones and will work only if the audio file is DRM free and smaller than 30MB, it can be used as custom ringtone.

The Video and image folders are pretty simple. All you need is add files to it and it will show up in its respective section i.e. Picture Library & Music + Video App.

- - - Updated - - -

Couple of other good apps are also not supported!!!
Although it says compatible with Win 8, dont know what can be the reason then. :confused:
Some Apps are not compatible to 512MB RAM window phones:
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Games from "AE Mobile" are worth a try! All are free and puts no load on phone performance.
Not much of applications are tried on Lumia phones in my family coz most users prefer to play some small game for a while.


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GTA san andreas coming next month.

This is a great news as this is the first game which will be launched on ios, android and WP simultaneously.
A great OS is in the making. :)


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GTA san andreas coming next month.

This is a great news as this is the first game which will be launched on ios, android and WP simultaneously.
A great OS is in the making. :)
Its good news for mobile gamers Heard news that GTA cost around $4.99
In India around expecting INR299/-
Windows File Manager
Rs. 110 now
for Windows 8 Mobile
New Version updated on 26 February 2014
with Copy & Paste Facility.

Pocket File Manager | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (????)

*** In this release
- Full Access to media library
- Full access to video files
- Full access to SD Card

- Full access to Pictures folder on Phone and SD Card. Now you can store any files in those locations and retrieve them by connecting to PC.
- Full featured FTP Server. Supports active and passive connections. Supports authentication.
- Downloader with resume and scheduler. Automatically detects Youtube url and allows to download video file.
- File browser.
- Copy/Cut/Paste operations for files and folders
- SkyDrive,Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, Box, Google Drive, support
- Send files by Bluetooth
- Send file by Email
- Share by HTTP with NFC support
- Supports extracting from rar,zip,tar,gz,7z formats
- Compressing files and folders into .zip file
- Save music into media library and set music as ringtone
- Open and view movie files (supported formats are depend on Windows phone supported formats)
- Open file in phone. If supported applications are exist
- Receive archive files from mail, browser and any application which can open it in phone.
- Run under lock screen

Limitation Please read it!
Windows phone has some limitations which prevent third party applications from accessing parts of files system. You cannot access Document folder and Music folder inside phone's memory.

Please be informed! Trial version is only for preview.
FTP Server in trial mode won’t allow you to work with files or folders.
Advanced file operations, send by Bluetooth also not available.
Consider buying full version.

Download size: 5 MB
Last updated: 26-02-2014
Works with Windows Phone 8
App requires: Photos Library, Media Playback, Data Services, Proximity, SD card, Movement and Directional Sensor

HD720P (720x1280)
WVGA (480x800)
WXGA (768x1280)
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I am using a Lumia 925 since more than a month now and I love it... some of the apps I like are...

1) Nokia Refocus - It lets you take a photo at random and then you can choose where you wish to have focus.
2) Nokia Camera - Gives almost DSLR type of manual setting options.
3) Nokia Cinemagraph - Creates lovely motion pics.
4) Ringtone Maker - Doesn't need any description :)

Some of the games I like are Wordament, Dredd Vs. Zombies, Burger Big Fernand, Unroll It, World at Arms, Zombie Derby. I haven't downloaded any game of above 100mb size since I don't have a WiFi connection.