Winner declared, Photography Contest 25th April to 6th May 2013

Yogesh Sarkar

After tallying up the votes and checking the timestamp, it seems I made the mistake earlier in declaring Pulsarider’s entry as the winner, while in fact it was Zorg4u’s Rule the road.... entry, which received the maximum votes, before the voting period had ended.

Congratulation zorg4u and my apologies for the earlier error.

Thanks Pulsarider and DKay for bringing this to my notice, so that I could correct this error.

Ps. we will be tweaking the contest rules next time around to ensure this does not occurs again.


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Vasanth, congratulations!
That is a great capture! :cool:

And I must mention that I do admire Vaibhav for refusing to accept his 'win' because he believed there was an error with the count!
Vaibhav, we need more folk like you! :supz:


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Well done Yogesh, its a great attribute to accept your mistake and correct it.

Congrats Zorg4u. Its an awesome pic!!!



No worries YS, mistake happens, correcting it at the earliest is a right gesture

Three cheers to Vaibhav for raising it.

And Congratulations Zorg4u, this pic was a perfect match for the theme.


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Congratulations Vasanth. Well deserved. I notice that I had also "liked" that pic (So did I for Vaibhav's pic)
Vaibhav, you are a double winner.


Hey Zorg4u, congratulations and that was a wonderful shot.
pulsarider, thats the spirit dude. You've one more fan.