Winter drive to Uttarakhand - A short travelogue


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Winter drive is a norm for us and I always keep multiple plans for it ready, but this time I was stuck at office with work and plans were not in place. But one thing I was very keen on was Uttarakhand. It was a drive without any plan or destination in mind, no bookings.

Drive was like this

Day 1 : Gurgaon - Haridwar - Rudraprayag, Stay and GMVN Rudrapryag
Day 2 : Rudraprayag - Saari Village - Trek to Deorial Tal, Stay at Saari
Day 3 : Saari - Ukimath - Bania Kund, Stay at Chauhan Guest House, Bania Kund
Day 4 : Bania Kund - Ukimath - Karanprayag, Stay and GMVN Karanprayag
Day 5 : Karanprayag - Gwaldam - Bageshwar - Chakouri, stay at KMVN Chaukori
Day 6 : Chakouri - Thal - Birthi - Munsiyari, stay at KMVN Munsiyari
Day 7 : Munsiyari - Thal - Almora, stay at KMVN Almora
Day 8 : Almora - Gurgaon.

Its just a a short write-up with pics so enjoy it.

View from GMVN Rest House, Rudraprayag
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Chandrashila Peak and Snowed out Tugnath ji temple, as seen from Saari Village
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Some kids from Saari village
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Little bit of flash photography, was trying high speed sync
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Saari village from Deoria Tal trek
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What a lovely trek path it is, though it was little tough on me and Priyanka. Thankfully we hired a mule for Nandini and she was happy with that :D
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More lovely views on the way
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And the magical Deoria Tal at sunset
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The man, Lakhpat, we stayed with him at his guest house. He arranged a tasty Uttarakhandi home food for us, along with a much need bon-fire. He was our guide for Deoria Tal trek as well
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Sunset at Deoria Tal
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Time to head back to our base at Saari. getting down was much much tougher for Priyanka as she was not wearing proper trekking shoes
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Sunrise over Chandrashilla Peak
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More view around Saari village
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Nandini composing something to click
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Naughty Gang
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Drive from Saari to Chopta was an easy one, we lost our way a bit and went inside Ukimath but still enjoyed the drive. Road was clear upto Bania Kund and then quite alot of black snow ahead for next 4 km to Chopta. We decided t o stay at Bania Kund, at Chauhan Guest House, recommended by Lakhpat
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Plenty of snow
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Bania Kund
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Morning walk at Bania Kund
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Play of light and shadows early morning at Bania Kund
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Masti time
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Thodi Family pics
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Driving towards Karanprayag, we found this lovely meadow
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Sunset near Chakouri
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Lovely colors on the way to Munsiyari
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Finally at Munsiyari, it was raining for last two days.
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Heading back to home, near Almora
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Crossing the lanes of Rampur, to avoid a relgious procession
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A Treat as usual from FAMILY of photographers !!!

Uttarakhand is Magical .