Winter Ride To Spiti Valley On Activa-125

subhankar paul

And miles to go before I sleep
Dear Ishant
I'm waiting for your next post quite a long time with high expectations. Please serve.

catch me if you can

Aashish Walia

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That's really great to see your faith in Activa. Please share your preparations for such a long ride. This will be a go-to guide to all the fellow BCMTians who want to travel on Activa.
I too want to travel on Activa to Shimla and beyond for starters.


Hi Can you please confirm the below:

- Route status from Tapri to Chooling (is it open or do we need to take the Urni off road)?
- Is AKPA Bridge ready or do we need to go downstream and then after crossing the river climb up?

Thanks in advance!