winter trip to white spiti


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did white spiti during first week of march. It was real adventure, beating sub zero temperature (close to -20 degree at some places), driving on snow covered road and to add more fun factor it was snowing at most places. But really enjoyed it. Initial pics, will try to complete trip log in reasonable time.

Climax of trip was snow leopard near kibbber and chicham bridge.

Ibex on snow covered mountains.

All white and water hand-pump [Near Kaza].

Sunset over snow clad hills [Kalpa].


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Day 1: [ Delhi -> Narkanda ]
Plan for day was to reach Narkanda and halt for night. Started in morning from NCR and first stop was Murthal for breakfast. Body rejuvenated, next target set to Pinewood hptdc hotel in barog. Reached Pinewood for lunch and had awesome local mutton dish. It was lip smacking and really loved it. After hearty lunch, started for next destination Narkanda. We hit Narkanda in evening and it was really cold. Roads in Narkanda were covered in snow. Narkanda roads give us fair idea what are in store for us for next 7/8 days. Stay was scheduled in Hatu Valley homestay. Here we come to know water is very precious resource as everything was freezing. No water in taps as it was closed to save from water freezing in pipes and cracking it. Water in buckets was provided in washrooms but it need immense courage to even touch icy cold water.

View From Hatu Valley Homestay.


Road Near Hatu Peak Fork.

It's white, it's snow everwhere.

sunset over hills in Narkanda.

After nice dinner, we went for sleep.

Day 2: [ Narkanda -> Kalpa ]
Day started with Alarm going off and first thought in mind, "ohh man, have to use that icy cold water.". But luckly homestay owner provided us hot water again in buckets. We got ready on time and after nice breakfast we decided to move to next leg of journey.
Packed everything and moved all stuffs in vehicle. We decided to take Thanedar road from hatu peak fork and join Narkanda - Rampur highway near bithal. This road is narrow but very scenic and enjoyable.

We took detour and went to visit "Tani Jubbar Lake". It's small lake but sorrounding view is really good. Very nice place to stay and enjoy nature.

Tree near Tani Jubbar Lake.

Continued journey and we enjoyed scene all around. Apple trees were on bloom at some places and it was sight to behold. It would be nice to cycle on this road when apple trees are on full bloom. It must be amazing experience, may be in future.

Joined usual Narkanda - Rampur [NH 5] highway near bithal. Next stop was at Jeori for rice/rajma in lunch. But it was complete disappointment. Food was not good.




We were stuck in some short jam at multiple points enroute to Kalpa as blasting work is going on for road widening work. Progress was slow but staedy. we recovered time when road was good. Finally we reached reckong peo fork and started gaining altitude.

Road was clear but hills were complete covered with snow.

Flag staff was upright. Camera Angle shows it titled.



Reached Kalpa, dumped all luggage in homestay. Sun was still high in sky. We decided to explore kalpa town. First stop was "suicide point". Road was completely covered in snow. Spent quite some time at "suicide point" and then came back to stay point.

Golden Hour.



we walked on these roads.


Kinnaur Kailasha

Kalpa was very cold and we spent rest of evening indoors.