World’s best Gajar ka Halwa.


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World’s best Gajar ka Halwa.

Cooking is a great stress buster and you should practice it as and when got a chance.
Some time back GLR was looking for world best Gajar ka Halwa. So here goes the recipe for the same, as I tried it on last Sunday, for the first time in my life,:grin: and believe me it was GREAT.


1. Arrange a good Assistant, for washing, peeling and grating the carrots.
2. Shift your kitchen to your drawing room/bed room, so that you can watch and enjoy your favorite programs/movie along with your cooking. Or else keep your BB handy for updating us all. After all it is going to take not less than 5 hours.


1. Carrots: 2 kg
2. Full cream milk: 2 liters
3. Desi Ghee: 150 gm
4. Khoya : 250 gm
5. Sugar: 750 gm
6. Ilaichi: 10-15 pcs (Crushed and Powdered)
7. Raisins: ½ cup
8. Almonds: ½ cup
9. Cashews: ½ cup
10. Pistachios: ½ cup


Peel and Wash the carrots. Now grate them VERY FINE.

Soak the raisins, Almonds and cashews IN MILK.

Now heat the GHEE in a Karahi and add the peeled carrots in it. Cook for 8-10 mins.

Now add the milk in it and cook it ON LOW FLAME with occasional stirrings until all the milk dries up. It usually takes 3-4 hours.

Now add Sugar and grated Khoya with ilaichi Powder.

Mix well and keep cooking until all the sugar get absorbed.

Time to add Raisins, Almonds (peeled and halved) and Cashews.

Cook until the ghee starts separating. At this time if you stir the halwa, whole of it will start moving in the karahi.

Remove the gajar ka halwa from heat and arrange in a serving dish.

Garnish with pistachios.

Serve cold, hot or at room temperature.

Suggestions are invited here to make it better.


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Partially agreed with first line, for some its stress buster, for some routine cooking is stress.

Pre-Planning is Luxury. :grin: :p

Biggest Irony, I do not like sweets. Please post some spicy dishes' recipe