Yamaha planning to bring back RX100!


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Yes you heard it right; India Yamaha Motors is planning to bring back the legendary RX100. A motorcycle which not only defined Yamaha as performance motorcycling brand in India and became the best seller for Yamaha, but is even today fondly loved by the motorcycling enthusiasts. And now, Yamaha is planning to resurrect the legend, [...]

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That’s a great news as also stated in the Yogesh Blog.

I know RX100 is legendry bike, the only hip up is to see how the four stroke performance would be.

After owning RX100 for 17 years, it would be exiting its new avatar in four strokes.

However, if one tries to understand the bike, it’s not a very good looking or macho bike.

The entire legacy lies in the two stroke power, amazing pic up and that amazing noise when it’s on.
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May be Yamaha plans a modified version of CRUX -R / YBX .... :grin:
Wish they deliver something so chirpy .. a RX sound was music to ears and definately is music to ears till date . To second the sound of RX was only the Shogun from Suxuki .. Wats Yamah is upto .. wish they deliver something good such as the FZ / R15 ..

Ahem !

PS: I still have a RX 135 \\:D/\\:D/


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A 100cc liquid cooled 4 valved 15 bhp pocket rocket would be nice, but alas, without the sound and the powerband it just wont be a true RX!

Yogesh Sarkar

News is based on the press statement issued by India Yamaha Motor official, if you do not believe that, then you are most welcomed to search it on any news site.