YAMAHA YBX 125. 18 years of ownership


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I bought my first bike YAMAHA YBX 125 on 8 sept 1999.I learned the skill in this revolutionary 4 stroke motorcycle. YBX can single handedly take over Pulsar 150 TVS fiero and new and old 125cc motorcycles and of course the new super selling Honda Shine.

Handling and comfort
Handling is always best with Yamaha Bikes. This has to do with the designing phase of the bike. Comfort i added some cushioning to the seat provided by Escorts YAMAHA.


While starting the bike you feel very minor vibrations, But when you shoot of You wont get any vibrations in handle bars, foot rest, engine cowl Thanks to Single axis balancer also called Balancer assembly This is absent in Honda and Hero bikes but present in Pulsars. Why should one consider bike that vibrate and create discomfort to the rider.


Long rides are fun with YBX as it can overtake a vehicle easily than you expect. it is exciting to ride YBX on highways.

Robust engine
if you ride in rash manner Engine wont bear any problems. provided engine oil must be present in the engine. What i like most in this package is 125cc engine with 11bhp@8500rpm and 1.06kgM @6500rpm The engine performs night or day in worst conditions like heavy rain, fog and winter..There are no cold start issues . It will start in a single kick. No issues with the engine for the last 18 years. Engine is bullet proof. I thank Yamaha for the hard work and research in developing this bullet proof reliable engine


YBX comes with kick start as newer models come with electric start as well. No issues with kick start. Provided you follow the correct sequence mentioned in owners manual. There are no cold start issues . It will start in a single kick.


I m getting a mileage of 60kmpl on running below 50kmpr.

The quality of YBX is better than competition, also YBX received quality awards from Overdrive magazine .


Got it retest done after completion of 15 years.

I m proud and satisfied owner of YBX So happy with my choice Power and mileage combination. I thank god that i choose YBX instead of CBZ. Long live YBX after all it is a YAMAHA

July 1 1955 Happy Yamaha Day July 1 celebrated as Yamaha Day
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