Yamunotri Dham on Dipawali


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We started the trek to Yamunotri temple around 12.00 noon. There were hardly any pilgrims or tourists as the temple was about to close in another two days. Most of the shops had already shut shop. Even the porters and tattoo walas were very few.

start of the trek


initial trek is easy



took a break for tea in between

crossing the last bridge to reach the temple

After completing the somewhat arduous trek, especially the last 3 kms of the trek, we relaxed our muscles by taking a dip in the garam kund at the temple. It was very relaxing. There after we prayed before Goddess Yamuna and left for Janki Chatti. We reached Janki Chatti with hardly an hour’s day light left.

hot spring at Yamunotri temple


Yamunotri temple



main kund where rice is boiled as offered as prasad

we were famished but the food quality near the temple is simply poor

sun went down and weather became lot chillier

final look back before leaving Janki Chatti

We again stopped at Kharadi village for evening tea. We enjoyed the warmth of the bon-fire along with the tea. In another hour we reached out hotel.


The owner of the hotel was sitting lonely. He was little sad that no one was around him, neither his family nor his staff. His family was in village and staff on leave. Since he was already hosting another guest, a consultant for the tunnel work undergoing on the Barkot – Dharasu section, he could not move to his village.

We asked him to cheer up and together we lit up lamps which we were carrying. We asked him to join us in aatish-baazi. We could feel his happiness. He offered to start a bon-fire at the roof while we prepared our fire-crackers. We also asked the only other guest in the hotel to join us. He too happily joined us. We burnt the crackers, the aerial shots were breathtaking in hills. After the fire-works, it was time to go to bed.
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Great going, yamnotri trek is a beautiful trek. In 2005, I was resident doctor if famous The Doon School. So just a day before deepawali, we did dehradun to yamnotri and back, in one day. Enjoying your log


Going to Neverland
Great going, yamnotri trek is a beautiful trek. In 2005, I was resident doctor if famous The Doon School. So just a day before deepawali, we did dehradun to yamnotri and back, in one day. Enjoying your log
Dehradun-Yamunotri-Dehradun on same day :eek: that must have been a very long day


Going to Neverland
We had two days at our disposal for return journey. We were at Barkot which was about 380 kms away. We planned to take it easy and break the journey at Chakrata.

However, we were in two minds, whether to take the Purola-Mori-Tiuni route or the Lakhamandal-Chakrata road. The first option was longer with about 175 kms to cover. But the drive would have been very beautiful covering the pristine forests and traversing along the beautiful Tons River. Second option was shorter by 75-80 odd kilometers.

I told Manish about the old temples at Lakhamandal and being a staunch Shiv Bhakt, he insisted to visit the Lakhamandal temples. This way the route to Chakrata was finally agreed upon.

We settled our bills and bid adieu to our host and left Barkot by 10.00 am. But before leaving the town we stopped at repair shop to get the horn changed which had stopped functioning.

going through Barkot town

horn could not be repaired at the first mechanic shop we tried

we got the horn replaced at this workshop and also repaired the puncture we had in the rear tyre

We again stopped for a late breakfast at Rautela Hotel situated at Tunalka, around 3 kms before Naugaon. I had fond memories of this place where I had stayed for a night in winters of 2010. We had reached there very late in the night after getting stuck due to landslides. We were hungry and tired. The host, sparky old man, took good care of us and fed us. How he insisted that we should take bath in the middle of cold wintry night willing to send buckets of hot water for the same. He was very old now but still had the same spark. I shared the photographs of the place with my other travel mates who were there with me in 2010. They too were happy to relive those memories. Not to mention food was good here this time too.