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Here is my Dell XPSM1530's configuration

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHZ
2GB RAM,upgradable upto 4GB
160GB Hard drive
NVIDIA Geforce 8600M GT 256MB RAM
9 Cell battery
Windows VHP
Finger print reader
2 mega pixel webcam
and I got 2 pairs of creative EP 630 noise cancellation earphones


Torrid Rider
Here is my computer's configuration:

Intel Pentium 4 with EM64T+ (3.1 Ghz core speed)

Intel D915GAV motherboard

1GB 400mhz DDR Ram

3 HDDs (160,160,80 GB)

Onboard Intel High Definition Audio

Creative inspire 4000 (4.1) speakers

Microsoft optical mouse + TVS Gold keyboard

LG Studioworks 17inch monitor CRT

Microsoft headphone

BSNL DATAONE BROADBAND ([email protected])
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Torrid Rider
is it unlimited?
what is the package costing?
how is the connectivity?
Well the connectivity is superb.....

Its not unlimited and the data transfer is upto 2.5GB per month and after that 80 Paisa per MB data transfer.......

The plan is Rs. 500 per month and if you are going for yearly payment then Rs. 1000 off and I instantly availed the same.

Night surfing is free ( from 2 AM to 8AM ) and as 2 AM is very late therefore I prefer to do download jobs in the morning 5 or 6AM and the speed is just like a storm and downloads the whole Linux ( for example ) in 2-2.5 hrs and off course it depends upon the speed of the particular website's server bandwidth limitation but not from our speed. If the web server of any site is offering full bandwidth then DATAONE downloads with a speed of exactly 2Mbps......................and that fascinates me very much.

So pretty good pack. When I subscribed the same I spent Rs.1100 on the ADSL modem and Rs. 250 on LAN card ( Compex ) and paid Rs. 5000 for the annual subscription.

Recently I've changed to one plan which is very attractive. As in the old subscription there used to come an additional charge towards Fixed Monthly Charge of Landline i.e. Rs.180 per month but now the new plan does not include any fixed monthly charges for the landline and I have to pay only Rs. 6000 towards annual subscription. No monthly charge of landline now and same data transfer limit i.e. 2.5 GB and additional 50 calls free from the landline...