Your Computer Configuration


My desktop with xp sp3 never crashes as well! And in case of any problem, I can easily reinstall xp as I have already created a automated cd install with latest updates rolled in.


I have rarely seen XP that does not crash. Know someone who still has a stock XP Pro install that is over 3 years old now and running fine. In fact, XP is a fine art to master. When I was upgrading my laptop two years ago, it was near-impossible to get a laptop with XP that would not void the warranty. Gave up and switched to Macs and been happy ever since.

Slipstreamed install discs are how the pros roll! :)


Rs. 18,589 with winxp sp3 and microsoft works + balkin laptop backpack. Cheapest 1000h comes with similar processor and ram, half the hdd space, 1 inch larger screen and slightly better webcam and costs 4.5k more, add to that its a few hundred gms heavier.

Will post the photographs and review soon.


Then it makes sense, otherwise these days the server processors are essentially the same as their desktop counterparts.


Travel Freak
AMD Athlon 64 Bit 4400 Dual Core CPU
Biostar Mother board(Forgot the model no.)
2 GB(1+1) 533 Mhz RAM
1 GB NVidia Ge Force 8800 GT Graphics card
750 GB (250 + 500 GB) internal Hard Drive + 1 TB External HDD
LG 22X DVD Writer ( SATA )
Normal ps/2 Keyboard
Logitech Optical Mouse
22 " ViewSonic TFT Monitor
HP 4700 Scanner, Copier, Printer All in One
Phillips 5.1 Channel Sound System
All in one Card reader
USB Bluetooth Dongle
BSNL 2 Mbps Broadband Connection
UTStarcom Wireless Router
Proview 600 VA UPS