Zanskar & Beyond. 14 Himalayan Passes. 15 - 31 Aug 2021


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by around 30km from Padum,
the amazing road vanished.
Work going on to make it 2 lane is on
with bridges and all being constructed.





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Now comes the amazing part
through out the day, we came across work in progress to make it a two lane highway.
culverts and bridges being constructed simultaneously, not one by one and then move to next one.
It was unbelievable, the amount of labour brought in from Jarkhand and West Bengal, is huge.
We just kept on crossing worker and worker every few 100 meters.
India is running, made be totally proud of my country.





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We were just beyond the last U bend,
and a Mahindra was standing with it engine hood open,
it has not even started the climb to Shingo La from Padum side,
and it was over heating.

So the lead Thar in our group, managed to turn around, going back and forward foot by foot,
then reversed back and we towed the Mahindra to the side of the road,
he had stopped where no one could cross him.

Once we towed him to one side, the lead Thar then keep on going down in reverse to find a place to turn around.
We were on our way now with the other 3 vehicles also crossing the Mahindra.

Sir i guess it was an alturas, driven by a couple,i saw a video on youtube with similar description as yours.

Sorry i may be wrong but that vehicle was beyond repair.

Keep those pics coming sir the interesting part is about to come now....

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