Zanskar & Beyond. 14 Himalayan Passes. 15 - 31 Aug 2021


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The planning and and start of the trip itself is so elaborate! =D> All the very best for an adventurous journey.

Can't wait to see the story unfold.. hooked.


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Finally back home, and I forget my Jacket in Gurgaon, cheers,
it has 90% of my memory cards of the trip.

Only from 28 Aug onwards do I have the memory cards which were in the camera,

So I guess, I will just post one images of 28 Aug,
Pangong Tso,
Were you can raise you hand and touch the Galaxy.

As my story will start, you will see some sad news and sites of Pangong Tso.
but let me not spoil your mood.
Hopefully very soon, after some processing of images, I will start the story.

This image is from Spangmik, on banks of the lake,
inspite of some 800 tents, we could not find a place for the night.
Finally in Spangmik, we found a home stay after 2 hours of hunting,
with 2 rooms for the 8 of us, it was luxury, hahaha.



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Welcome back. Great shot. This is going to be awesome . Waiting for more. "inspite of some 800 tents, we could not find a place for the night. " So crowded ?
beyond crowded, we went to Spangmik, and there to after an hour found 2 rooms of 8 of us.