Zanskar & Beyond. 14 Himalayan Passes. 15 - 31 Aug 2021


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Finally, time to continue the story.
However, I had Airtel for the trip,
most remote areas dont have Airtel, it is all Jio now.
So if a group is going, let some guy have Jio and some guy have BSNL,
you will be better off with connectivity.

Also, in Ladakh, you need 92 hours valid RT PCR.
At Khalsi, there is a barrier, and our RT PCR had lapsed.
they will not let you go even if you show proof of 2 covid shots.
They will do RT PCR, you will get report in 3 days,
so for 3 days you need to Quarantine at the hotel,
you have to give details of hotel you booked at in Leh.
So I suggest, if you going from Srinagar side, do your RT PCR In Srinagar a day or two before you reach Khalsi.
I believe between Srinagar and Khalsi there is another check post.

from Darcha to Padam and onto Kargil,
we came across 2 barriers, again, 2 shots dont matter, they did RAT and in 10 min when they had the results they allowed us to go.
So better be ready to loose up to 3 days if something is not ok with all this what is going on on the highways.

Happy Landings.


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Day 1,
15 Aug 2021
Gurgaon to Bilaspur.

Well, going from Gurgaon to Bilaspur is always boring.
by the time we were reaching Ambala,
we decided, why stay at Bilaspur where it is hot,
so we headed to Shimla, good decision.
When we were approaching Shimla,
we decided to take a left before Shimla, road going towards Bilaspur,
and then find a hotel for the night.

While everyone was looking for which room to take,
I headed for the roof for some Timelapse.



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Day 2.
16 Aug 2021
Shimla to Manali.

Again, what is there to show.
now unless you get to hight altitude, all roads are boring.
But it was a good drive. loved it.

We had tea and breakfast and headed for the road.



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Day 3
17 Aug 2021
Manali to Kolong ( which is short of Jispa, on the mountains slope on the left }

Decided to go through Atal Tunnel,
and on way beck come via Rohtang Pass.