Zanskar - Jugni in Himalayas


A Terrible Traveler!
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A Terrible Traveler!
In 2017 I bid adieu to my 4 years old DugDug (Electra) and Welcomed Jugni (Himalayan), Then One day I was flipping some travelogues on BCMT and found one Log of Dwaipayan on Zanskar (You can read his beautiful Tlog here. I had been to Spiti and Ladakh, so thought if it’s still possible to ride to Himalayas. Dwaipayan did Zanskar in Oct 2016. I called up my friend Dharamveer to check if he would join and I got an indirect No. That was my last hope and going to Zanskar that to all alone wasn’t good idea so sadly I dropped the idea to Ride this time. Jugni have to wait for 2018 summer to touch The Himalayas.

Then on 27th September Dharamveer called me and told me he is having visuals of Mountains since I had called him and he said let’s GO.

So, it was 27th and we decided to start our ride by 1st Oct and decided to comeback by 9th Oct. We had 3 days to prepare our rides. Discussed about ride with Home Ministry she approved but told me te be at home on 8th Evening as It was Karwa Chouth. Now that was like a shocker to me. Immediately I called up Dharam and informed him about Karwa Chouth So we preponed our ride to 30th Sep to 8th Oct. Idea was to reach home by 8th Evening.

Preparation of our rides was another pending task. Dharam came to Chandigarh on very next day to get his bike ready. Since both of rides were new so we need to buy New Saddle stays. Dharam was lucky to get saddle stay for his TB350 but I couldn’t get one and I decided to keep my luggage minimal and kept my luggage bag on pillion seat. Later on, I found it very comfortable as it gave support to my back all the time. Got dual LED lights for night driving 700/- each, and One mobile phone holder to hold phone on bike. Got a local one at 550/-. Like Bangalore you don’t get good quality and variety of riding accessories in Chandigarh. In 2016 did Ladakh with half face helmet and lesson learnt always wear full face helmet when riding in such terrain so ordered Steelbird air helmet and got one with black visor. I was like WOW it’s just one day left so I decided to use the same one with Black visor.

So now Its Black RE Himalayan (Jugni), Black Riding Jacket, Black helmet with Black visor and beautiful golden meadows.

Out so called planned itinerary was

Date Route Kms
29-Sep-17 Chandigarh to Balachour (Dharam's Home) Nil
30-Sep-17 Chandigarh - Jammu - Udhampur - Patnitop 410
1-Oct-17 Patnitop - Srinagar - Sonmarg 270
2-Oct-17 Sonmarg - Zozila Pass - Drass - Kargil 125
3-Oct-17 Kargil - Sankoo - Parakchik - Rangdum 130
4-Oct-17 Rangdum - Pensi La - Karsha - Padum 125
5-Oct-17 Padum - Zangla - Padum - Reru - Chila 110
6-Oct-17 Chila - Padum - Kargil (Long Day, Start Early) 240
7-Oct-17 Kargil to Banihal 300
8-Oct-17 Banihal to Chandigarh 460

Lets see what we followed.

I started from Chandigarh to Reach at Dharam's home in Balachour on 29th Sept and we had planned to start our ride from 30th Sep 5Am. Whole day went in packing my luggage and around 4:30 I started loading my bags on Motorcycle and Started riding around 5pm.

Jugni with Luggage before meeting Himalayas.


One More..


Balachour was just 75 Kms So I was in no hurry but before leaving I thought to meet wife en-route. She works in a bank and I straight way went to her office and called her outside to meet. After meeting her I took around 1:30 Hrs to reach Balachour. Thanks to Kharar traffic jam. In Dinner we had homemade food at Dharam's home and went off to sleep around 10pm. Alarm was set to 4am and Sleep Ha Ha What a joke!!

Before sleep we loaded our bikes and parked towards Exit gate's position. It was Like, Start the ride open the gate and you are on Road...


Another one..



A Terrible Traveler!
We got up before Alarm, A very usual things when we are going to Ride. At 5:15 we were on Road, And it was all dark and It was impossible to ride with Helmet’s visior on due to its color. I had to wear Yellow glasses and kept visior open.

We drove non-stop till Lakhanpur Jammu and Kashmir Border It was 8:30 only and I crossed the Barrier and couldn’t see Dharam behind me. As a thump rule I waited for 5 mins assuming he must be taking selfies at Jammu and Kashmir Board. But even after 5 mins no sign of him forced me to take U turn and saw he was fixing something on his bike. Later came to know that there was some loose wire uncovered that wire touched the body of his TB which leads to power loss of his bike. Fuse was gone and there was an extra fuse kept in Fuse section and it took 15-20 mins to fix the bike and again we were in Road. In No time we were at Sambha and I was feeling Hungry now. Dharam suggested to push more and asked to have breakfast a bit later.

We took Right turn towards Udhampur and empty roads welcomed us. Just after driving for another 20 kms we found a small Dhabha making paranthas for Truck Drivers, parked our rides and decided to take our first Long break for the Day.

Ordered Paranthas and Curd. Had cup of tea and Spend some time to settle the paranthas in. I was aware that after Udhampur there would be traffic and After Chenani Tunnel there would be traffic of Trucks. So It was sure that this will delay our journey. Around 10:00am We started again and Roads were empty I guess most of people go to Udhampur via Jammu. Dharam wanted to buy new gloves, After Reaching Udhampur he enquired if he can get it in Udhampur but No. We tried to check at few shops but couldn’t get one suitable. This took another 15-20 mins and we started again from Udhampur. When we started from Udhampur I thought to reach Srinagar instead of staying at Patnitop. Thanks to that 10 Kms long Chenani Tunnel we crossed Chenani tunnel around 12:00, We crossed Ramban before 1pm, We Crossed Jawahar Tunnel around 2pm. And In between we had lunch at Banihal.

After crossing Jawahar Tunnel we reached Titanic View of Kasmir Valley. The view was awesome and This was the first time when we took out our cameras to click. Click few pictures and continued to ride towards Srinagar. Apology for poor pic quality as clicked from mobile.


I was feeling little tired due to first day of ride and I had less sleep last night and there was traffic too on roads so we were riding slow now. We reached Srinagar around 7:00 Pm and as day was plan to reach Patnitop so we had no booking. Parked our rides roadside and searched hotels on Goibibo found Crown Plaza Residency Hotel at Good price.

Checked in and guy at reception said No dinner available it was just 8 pm. I was not at all interested in having Hotel’s food. We went outside Dharam had nonveg of Srinagar and I had veg food and shakes.

Around 11 we were off to sleep and snoring. Didn’t click much that day as I was aware that from next day Camera will be on neck to capture beautiful vistas.