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A Terrible Traveler!
Today was an easy day as we had planned to reach Kargil. Which was not much far like last day and I was aware that there will be very less traffic beyond Sonamarg so we started little late. After breakfast (very limited menu was served due to Moharram) we filled up our rides and started towards Dal Lake. This was my second visit to Dal lake and 1st for Dharamveer he was pretty excited and he wanted to click many pictures so I waited patiently. He took many shots and asked me to take few shots of him. You do a full round of lake before leaving Srinagar for Sonamarg.


Empty Roads...


We drove non stop till we saw a spot to take first photography break. Some pictures from our photography break.




We spend there 30 mins and started driving towards Sonamarg. I was expecting Golden meadows instead of green as it was October. Soon we reached Sonamarg and I saw opposite what I had seen during my last visit to Sonamarg. There were no Taxis, there were no people on meadows, there were no long que of taxis parked roadside and there were no people to throw empty chips packets (Sorry no offense, but we know that’s true). I loved Sonamarg this time and I waited to feel the beauty of Sonamarg. Usually tourists come up to Sonamarg and return to Srinagar. So I was sure that beyond Sonamarg traffic would be zero and We would get more pictures with almost no people in frames. Some pictures from Sonamarg.


By time we reached Sonamarg we were starving. We settled at one Dhabha (Dogra Dhabha, Jammu wale) and decided to fill ourselves there. We ordered Rice, Rajma, tandoori Roti and jeera Alloo after that we had a cup of tea. Dharamveer was stunned to see the beauty of Sonamarg, so do I.

Another Pic of Sonamarg

Later on found some cabs plying with tourists from south india. Most of them returned back to Srinagar as I could not find many cabs while riding beyond Sonamarg. It was time to cross Zozila Pass. Just before ascending to Zozila pass we saw traffic was stopped by JnK police due to Moharram. First time in my life I witnessed Moharram.


Some foreigners getting their pictures clicked with my Ride, Jugni.


We waited there for approx 1 hour and it was already 4 pm and Zozila was yet to crossed. We two were the first to resume the ride from the traffic as there was no traffic, we cruised our bikes to their safe limits and crossed Zozila in no time. Took a break at Zozila to have some pictures and restarted journey towards Drass.


Don't know if it looks scary or not but riding Zozila is not scary at all. Many would be agree with me. Though narrow roads makes tough for Trucks to cross it.



Roads were silky smooth after crossing Zozila and Golden light was making the views even more beautiful, it was serene to witness the beauty of Ladakh. Dharam was taking more and more photography breaks as this was his first visit to Ladakh.


I guess no matter how many times you go to Ladakh you will lost to see the grand mountains of this region.


I saw few kids were playing cricket in small village alongside road and I made one video of them and I wished I could play cricket with them for some more time, but After shooting small video and few pics I resumed my journey towards Drass. There were frequent breaks between Zozila to Drass.

Video of kids playing cricket can be seen here:

When we reached Drass, Dharamveer kept asking me to show him mountains falls in Pakistan territory but I myself was not aware about it. Does such mountains can be seen from Drass or not? After reaching Drass it was time to pay a visit to Kargil war memorial. My second and Dharam’s first visit to this memorial. We could see few people here.




We clicked many pictures there and then we attended the evening briefing there which was truly motivating. Army man briefed about the Kargil war, how many mens from our side lost lives, how Pakistan betrayed us by not following 'Shimla samjhota.' By the time briefing got wrap up I don’t know why Dharamveer shouted “Bharat Mata Ki” and like a Truly Deshbhakt we all replied “Jai”.



There was a family and few more tourist and I am sure after shouting Jai, we were enough moved to enter into Pakistan and drop RDX. But it was Dark now and I thought I would have to ride in dark till Kargil…. Again.

Yours Truly.


I told in very first episode of that Tlog that I got a helmet with a black visor and I couldn’t find a transparent visor to replace hence whenever I would be dark, I would have to keep the visor open. So before starting our rides I wore my yellow transparent glasses to avoid dust going into my eyes. I was leading and we were riding a bit fast. Then suddenly we took one turn and there was a crowd of moharram. It scared me as it came out from nowhere. It was all dark there was no light. I thought again we have to wait till road clears but then there was a man from the crowd who made way to let us cross with our rides, I said Shukrana to him and started riding towards Kargil. We reached Kargil in dark and it was around 9 pm. I thought I would be staying in same Hotel Silk route (Located at the entrance) but it was closed. We drove to the market and found it was all closed. So now it was the reason to worry. As due to Moharram most of the businesses were closed. People were busy in Moharram. Then we asked people if we could get any accommodation for night stay. Then there was a lady who pointed us to go in a street and told us to check in a guest house. Else she told us to come back and she will arrange stay in her home. We tried our luck in that guest house and guy in that guest house welcomes us and we got a room for us. Though he said only Dal Rice would be available as dinner and some mutton curry is also left. We agreed in that, unloaded our luggage from our rides and had delicious dinner. Being veg I was served Rajma Rice and Dharemveer tasted mutton curry. After that we were retired to sleep. Tomorrow was a day to explore Zanskar. First time for me too.



A Terrible Traveler!
Yes sure, this time it won't take much time. Sorry for delay
Good to see you back Vikas, after almost a year. Hope you will take us to Zanskar, which is not very far now, since we have already reached Kargil as per above post.

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