Zanskar - Jugni in Himalayas


A Terrible Traveler!
We reached Padum Village in No time from here. Padum is a bigger than Rangdum. I could see it from far. Road was good around Padum and I could see Zangla from Padum. Once we reach Padum, I wanted to eat Besan Pakoras as I have been eating rice dal since last few days. I know that it would be impossible to find a shop selling pakoras in Padum so I though I should see if I can get besan from anywhere so that I can request my guest owner to make pakoras or last, I my self was ready to cook pakoras. “Shiddat dekh rahe ho meri yaha”. But hard luck no besan in Padum so Pakoras has to wait from some more days. When we reached Padum we were feeling satisfied as it was out last destination for the trip and from here our return journey will start.
Without wasting time, we directly headed to Karsha monastery which is locates approx. 15 Kms from Padum.


Road to Karsha Monastery.


Karsha Monastery can be seen from here.


Dharamveer approaching. I love this background.


Beautiful Karsha monastery


Road to/from Karsha monastery. You need sharp eyes to find Zangla Fort.


Vistas of Zanskar



Some picks of inside Monastery.



Sunlight was adding some more beauty to the monastery.


We turned back to our guest house from here as sun was going down. Our bodies were tired due to so much of off-roading. I called un Mr. Sonam Dorje to understand his homestay. He asked us to come to Shila village which is around 5 Kms from Padum and he got a homestay there.

Those who had traveled to such beautiful places they know that when sun go down, Color of mountains turns into golden so I decided to park my bike on road at sat to see the Golden mountains.


While going to Shila village Dharamveer was tailing me and we heard a loud noise. Like something fell from his bike and we saw his bike’s exhaust had come out and fallen. I was surprised and it was funny. It happened due to off roading. Now the exhaust was very hot and we asked locals to give us some water. Water was poured on exhaust and instead of fixing it there we decided to tie along with luggage and go to homestay. In no time we reached Shila village and called Sonam Ji again. He came back from his work and took us to his home. It was a newly made home with 5 rooms. Mattress on ground and small table to have dinner. Likes in first look.
Sonam is very humble person. He stays with his wife, 2 daughters, 1 Son – Rinchin who arrange trekking for tourists, I son converted to Lama and stays in monastery. I asked if he got some Besan but he responded like ‘What is Besan’? So Last hope to taste pakoras were gone. Lesson learnt add besan in your 'things to carry on ride' to fulfil your desire to eat pakoras.

Dharam was feeling unwell. I checked and he had some fever and cold. Though by that time I was completely fine. But he was off to sleep too soon and I was also off to bed by 10 Pm. It was a off riding day with some photography.

Tomorrow was plan to explore Zanskar at slow pace.